Kids Birthday Parties

We know your child’s birthday is one of the most treasured and special days of the year. For you and for us as parents, it’s an exciting day full of joy and memories that take you all the way back to the child’s birth. Our goal at Time Out is to make this day as stress free as possible! 

When you arrive, your party room will be clean and tables set up with complimentary plates, napkins, silverware and tablecloths. You will meet your assigned party host who will help you with bringing in and setting up any outside food (no food permit fee), gifts, decorations etc. Next, we’ll review the timeline of events for your party (for example slideshow, piñata, cotton candy etc), and the timing for each event so that your party runs seamlessly. Your host and any of our staff will gladly help you with anything you need throughout the party so you can enjoy the event with your child and guests. At parties’ end we take care of all the clean up and your guests can continue playing in the play area until the end of day! (unless there’s a private event on schedule)

Unlike other play facilities we allow full access to the play area and party room during the entire length of the party, giving parents more options and agency in the pacing and unfolding of the party experience! From Glow Parties to other themes your guests, including the adults, will have a blast! Give us a call if you have any questions and for reservations.


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